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Crystal Palace 2-0 Tottenham – FA Cup 4th Round Review

My last blog was not easy to write, and I think given the nature of Sunday’s result and what it means for the rest of the season, this one is even more difficult.

From the time in which our team was announced at 3pm, I had a bad feeling about this game, with Palace arguably actually offering more up front than we did… But looking back on it, and how tired Rose, Eriksen and Toby were, I don’t blame Poch for resting them, but maybe even just having them on the bench would’ve worked out better. Nevertheless, we started with a front three of Lucas, Llorente and N’Koudou. Now I don’t know about you, but I would have preferred Zaha, Townsend and Wickham!

The first half definitely did not belong to us. Well saying that neither did any of the 90 minutes. We conceded early on to Wickham tapping in from close range, only for Walker-Peters to give away a needless penalty through a handball slightly later on to send us two goals down. And now I was not expecting much. However N’Koudou was gifted a marvellous chance from a free kick, only to miss 1 on 1 from about 5 yards out… No luck. But then we got a penalty just before the end of the half. If we scored this and took it to 2-1 at half time then maybe we could find a way back into it. So just stick Llorente, Lucas or even N’Koudou on it and we have a good chance of doing that. But no. We put Tripper on it. Kieran Trippier. To take the penalty. And what does he do? Miss. He puts it wide. I’m not going to go into this in any more detail, as I was, and still remain very annoyed at the decision to put him on pens, especially given his recent poor form. So the rest of the game was a painful affair and we ended up losing. Out of the FA Cup in the 4th round….

It’s safe and obvious to say that I am absolutely gutted. Another trophyless season. I’m not even going to consider the other two competitions we are in, as we are winning neither the Champions or Premier League. Our squad depth is not good enough. And no, I don’t blame Poch. I think over the last few years he has improved us, that is a no brainer. But without trophies he, along with this group of players will not be remembered as well, if at all. I blame the board. I to this day do not believe we needed a new stadium. Our last season we made the Lane a fortress, with a good squad. Invest in those group of players and maybe we would’ve won something. But we are now stuck with a massive debt, and no backing. Whilst I know we do not have loads to spend, we have some. And have to look for someone to go for. Back Poch, and trust in him to rebuild this team with what money we have. Build it round our players and bin the rest, because as harsh as it is to say, the likes or Trippier, Davies, Dier are not good enough. Maybe Poch will be off this summer, along with some of our key players, but if this is the case then I wish them well. Because what they have done is great, bringing a bit of joy back to watching Tottenham Hotspur.

But for now, to me anyway, this season is a write off. Whilst I will continue to write my reviews, I will not be as invested. We just try to get top 4, but suffer another season without silverware. And to me, along many other Spurs fans, no trophies, means a rather average, dull, and even unsuccessful season.

As always thanks for reading.


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