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Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham – Premier League Matchweek 28 Review

Another footballing matchweek has gone, and its another loss for Tottenham Hotspur. And now things are looking bad.. Here’s my thoughts.

We went into the game, having just lost to Burnley, with our position in the table nearing ever closer to 4th than 2nd, we needed to win. But did we? No. No we didn’t. And whilst I’ve calmed down more today, yesterday evening I was seriously disgusted at the performance from our team. But before I give a rant, I’ll review the game.

First things first our starting XI. No. For everything Poch does, and has done, I am never going to shy away from criticizing the guy. Our starting lineup was wrong. Davies and Trippier. Why? Davies has not started in the league for around a month, and Trippier has been a liability for weeks now. Aurier and Rose should have played. I would have also played Lucas in front of Lamela, who has been short of minutes as well recently. But all in all, it was an okay starting team.

All in all, we played average first half, and even worse second. We opened the game and it was slow, dull and rather boring from both teams. Chelsea hit the post through Higuain, and we struck the bar later on in the half from a great strike from Harry Winks. The first 45 ended 0-0, and it was the second 45 that was crucial. Yet, we looked like the team that played 120 minutes 3 days ago, not Chelsea! Why? What happened? In terms of second half, we did not show anything. Desire. Talent. Work ethic. Nothing. We were outplayed by a tired Chelsea team that in my opinion looked there for the taking. Pedro squeezed the ball in from a tight angle just before the 60 minute mark, in which I think Lloris should’ve done better. The second goal of the two came right towards the end of the 90, when Kieran Trippier literally passed the ball past Lloris, who was just as much to blame, to score arguably the stupidest own goal of the season. 2-0. Game over. And if we lose to Arsenal on Saturday, it could be season over for the boys. Anyway. Rant time.

It seems ever since we had a week or so off after Dortmund, we have come back worse than ever. Losing to Burnley who were walked over by Newcastle days later, and lost to a Chelsea side who have not been that great as of late, and who I believed as I already said, I think were there for the taking yesterday. Ironically we seem to perform better without Harry Kane, who since he’s been back has done nothing. Not to blame him for our defensive performances though, and he’s just come back from 6 weeks off so will always take time to get back into form. It’s just a funny stat I thought I would point out. Next, why have wee been so poor in our last two games. We went from beating Dortmund and being outsiders to the title, to losing back to back games and soon to be fighting for top 4, to which should’ve been secured by now. Whilst we won 20 games this season and have turned a few draws into crucial wins, some of last years draws have become games in which we haven’t got anything from this year. Take Watford, Burnley, Leicester for example. Losing now 8 games in the league, which is completely unacceptable from a team fighting for top 4, let alone considering pushing towards the title. But the fact is, something is missing mentally in this squad, and we always seem to collapse at the last hurdle. Whether it is cup semi finals or finals, to the last third of the season and dropping important points. And now, it is crunch time.

We are back at the dumping gr.. I mean Wembley Stadium on Saturday lunchtime, against Arsenal. Who in their last two games have won on an aggregate of 7-1, scoring 5 against Bournemouth midweek. They go into it 4 points behind, wanting to close the gap and in form, we go in out of form and dropping points here there and everywhere. Simply, this is a must win. If we lose, which in my opinion is looking very likely, we are one point ahead of Arsenal, and not much further ahead of United or Chelsea if they win their game in hand, and we are back in the fight for top 4. So we need to win.

Do I think we will? No. In all honesty I don’t. I can see us losing this, losing 4-0 to Dortmund and its possibly season over from that point onwards. Or even make it past Dortmund and get absolutely railroaded by a Barcelona or PSG in the quarter finals. As well as this, focusing more on Saturday, I can see us getting turned over similarly to our trip to The Emirates earlier in the season. And it is very possible if we don’t turn up. So come on Tottenham. Please. For the fans, the manager, and more importantly yourselves. Because win? And it could be the turning point we need heading into the crunch point of the season. Lose? And we could see ourselves collapsing, and maybe missing out of Champions League in our first season at the new White Hart Lane. Losing players, and credibility in the process.

As always thanks for reading.


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