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Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham – Premier League Matchweek 31 Review

Hello! I’m back. This review is coming out way later than I’d hoped but I have been busy, both at and now away from Uni. Additionally this game hurt me on similar levels to Southampton the game previous so I didn’t wanna write about immediately anyway. But I’m back, I have TWO reviews to write, with Crystal Palace to follow this one. So if you actually enjoy reading these then you’re in for a treat today! Anyway. Let’s talk Liverpool.

I think I’ll try my best to keep this one short because frankly, this one still pains me to talk about. Going into the game against one of the best teams in the league, at a ground we are notoriously poor at, added to our woeful league form, I was expecting a loss, and would by any means take a draw. But following the events and how close we were to actually even taking all 3 points, pains me to talk about. No need to talk team news, I was happy with our XI, and understand why Sonny was given a rest following his extensive travelling during the international break.

The first half we started okay, but give Liverpool one chance and of course they will take it. Firmino headed the ball in following a delightful Robertson cross. I personally saw nothing defensively wrong here, besides maybe Lloris giving the ball away from the goal kick, but his biggest blunder was yet to come… For the rest of the first 45 we were pushed back and heavily attacked, but similarly to last season, held on to a 1-0 goal deficit at the end of the half.

Second half came and we were much better. Poch changed his tactics and we deservedly got our equaliser through Lucas Moura, our best player of the game in my opinion, 70 minutes into the game. We then had a few chances to actually win the game, however we looked like we were going to be held to a well deserved and hard-fought point against the reds. BUT. It wasn’t to be.

I believe it was Trent Alexander-Arnold who crossed the ball across to Salah who headed the ball, softly may I add, to Lloris who by all accounts should’ve caught the ball. He parried it out, the ball hits Toby, who fails to stop the ball slowly trickling over our goal line. Absolutely devastating to lose the game in which we definitely deserved something from in the 90th minute. But we did, making it, at the time, 5 games without a win.

Just a quick word on Lloris, whilst I do think he is still a top keeper, he is more prone to a mistake now than ever. And I see no reason why we don’t give Gazzaniga a proper run in soon, because he has looked good in the few games he has featured for us, notably in the 2-0 win over Arsenal in the League Cup earlier this season. Nevertheless, people calling for him to be sold, I disagree. However I do think we need to start considering other options.

So we sit right in the thick of it in the race for the top 4, and it was down to our new home to save us. To which we needed to win against Palace in midweek. Obviously at the time of writing this I know what happened, and am happier this weekend! But as stated before, I am late, so am going to treat you to two reviews in one day!

As always thanks for reading.


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