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Totttenham 2-0 Crystal Palace – Premier League Matchweek 32 Review

WE ARE HOME! After 689 days, almost 100 weeks, Tottenham Hostpur are back home in North London at our beautiful new stadium. I had the pleasure of going to see this spectacle unfold on Wednesday evening. And a massive needed win to go with it.

Before I get into the details of the game, being there and seeing this magnificent ground for the first time was really something else. It was a long a tough road at Wembley, and was really rough towards the end of it, with fans dying to go home more than ever. But the whole thing is magnificent. I managed to go up to the top of the south stand as well and the view is magnificent. Being a part of the south stand wall and singing my heart out all evening for the boys was a fantastic experience and getting the win made the night all that sweeter.

It was a strong starting XI, well it had to be didn’t it. Not only could we not afford to lose this game in terms of the league, but we obviously really wanted to win our first game at the new stadium. We seem to be favouring a 3-back formation as of late and I am all for it as it appears to have us playing decent football, even if we had lost 5 of the last 5. Out of those results we only played notoriously bad in the Chelsea game, in which we didn’t play this formation. But we knew we had to win this game, so a strong XI was necessary.

We dominated all evening, and deservedly got our two goals in the second half, in front of the 10,000+ South Stand fans. Sonny scored the first goal to mark off a new start at the (for now named) Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Eriksen got the second, adding to his earlier assist for Son. Lloris was quiet all night and only had one or two saves to make right at the end, which was nice to see. Showing he was still awake even after the game was practically won.

Tactically, I liked the idea of changing Dele to the CM role whilst Eriksen plays in a more advanced role, opposite to Liverpool. It worked quite well, and was nice to see Dele partner Sissoko in midfield. Both able to hold up the ball well and linked up play well all night long. Eriksen had his best game in a Spurs shirt to date, Son played well and Kane had a quieter night, desperate to score all evening long bless him. Davies looked quite good actually at LCB which I felt wasn’t talked about enough. All the players put a shift in and deservedly got the 3 points.

Looking forwards, this could prove to be a massive result. Personally, I think we just need to give a good account of ourselves in the Champions League matches against City. Whilst I feel maybe we could nick something at home, over two legs I don’t see us progressing. And personally I’d rather focus on getting top 4 in a race that is getting closer every week. We have 4 home games and only 2 away games remaining, meaning our home form is the most important thing. And our stadium could be the key to this form. Winning all 4 of our remaining home games is beyond possible, and if we do, and manage to win against Bournemouth away we could make top 4. I’m disregarding the City game as I don’t see us getting something from them.

Anyway I digress. Tottenham are home. 6 games to go. Top 4 race heating up. It’s not a better time than ever to say…


As always thanks for reading.


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