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Bournemouth 1-0 Tottenham – Premier League Matchweek 37 Review

I was smart and waited until after the footballing weekend before reviewing this game, because if I had of done it straight after the game, I would’ve not written much apart from how angry I was and how much I felt like I never wanted to watch a football match again. But thankfully, no matter how bad we’ve been, everyone continues to do us favours!

We went into this game with a simple mindset, or what should’ve been one. Win and we are top 4, lose or draw and it’s still all to do on the final day of the season. Our opponents were a Bournemouth side who were playing their last home game of the season, and finally starting to pick up a bit of form. It wasn’t going to be easy, but boy did we make it 1000 times harder four ourselves. We went much stronger than I and many others probably anticipated, but clearly wanted to win the game…

We started well, looked good going forwards and forced their inexperienced keeper into a few fine saves. It seemed as though we were going to see this one through and get the needed three points, but it all fell apart towards the end of the opening 45. Heung Min Son, who normally you’d associate with being fairly level-headed, absolutely lost his head, and got himself sent off after an altercation with Lerma. We were down to 10, and had our work cut out for us second half. Eric Dier should’ve had three yellow cards at least and they should’ve had a penalty so it was a hotly contested 0-0.

Halftime changes were smart, Dier and Alderweireld, two men on yellow cards were taken off, giving Toby more rest for midweek too, and replace with Foyth and Wanyama. Brought on to straighten out the defence and midfield, giving us some hope to get one on the counter. BUT. About a minute and a half into the half, Foyth gets himself sent off for an awful challenge. We were down to nine, and were almost certain to lose now.

We fought on and on, defending well but obviously lacking up front massively. But their eventual goal came right at the death to prevent what would’ve been a hard earned point. We lost the game and now top 4 looked certain to go down to the wire on the last day. Had Brighton and Huddersfield not done us a massive favour the following day! Arsenal and Man U dropped points, meaning Chelsea, who overtook us following a win against Watford, and us now in fourth, were clear. There now needs to be an eight goal swing between us and Arsenal so top 4 and therefore Champions League looks all but confirmed for us next season.

Now it’s onto midweek, where the boys have to give everything! We have it all to play for and have all but secured top 4, so go out and leave it all on the pitch. Turning over a one goal lead is tough against Ajax, but possible. As we found out yesterday, we would be facing Liverpool. Following their impossible and yet incredible job over Barcelona in the other semis. It would be a massive game, and it’s up to the boys to leave everything on that pitch. So of course, COYS.

As always thanks for reading.


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