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Tottenham 2-2 Everton – Premier League Matchweek 38 Review

So whilst it was not the season-ending win we wanted, our season isn’t over just yet… It was clearly a game that both teams were not too fussed for the result in the end, and we ended the season on a draw with a good Everton side.

The team was stronger than I thought, the only real changes in the defence due to Toby being the only out-and-out CB available, and Davies and KWP coming in at the fullback positions. The attack was strong, but most were taken off at a point in the game. I have to say I was disappointed to see Janssen not start, however I think his time at Spurs is coming to and end in summer. Shame it never really worked out, but my idea is that this is a football club, and if someone is not good enough then sadly they need to go. Anyway, on to the game itself…

We actually started a game well for once! Scoring probably our fastest goal of the season, if not one of. Eric Dier thumping the ball into the net following a corner scramble. We were off to a flyer! And as far as the first half was concerned, that was about how interesting it was. A few chances here and there for either sides however it was a slowly-paced game. We were so ‘leggy’ after our dramatic Wednesday night, and it appeared as though our whole squad, or the forwards anyway, were plagued with fatigue. I can’t blame them either, but nevertheless we hung on until half time. We made a half time change, taking of Dele for Wanyama. It has been said by Poch it wasn’t injury-related, but merely Dele being knackered, and having a poor first half performance because of it.

Second half was fairly similar to the first, Everton having more chances because of our tired squad, and it finally worked when Theo Walcott, of course, converted after 69 mins in what was a good finish. Things only got worse three minutes later when Tosun added a second. We were 2-1 down, but only for three more minutes, as Christian Eriksen scored directly from a free kick, I know I couldn’t believe it either… The game ended 2-2, the point being enough to definitely secure a top four finish and Champions League next season. Finishing the season on 71 points, with 23 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses. The last one has to change going into next season. Frankly I don’t think we deserved top four based on our amount of losses, but then again neither did Chelsea, Arsenal or United really so it came down to just two having to get it.

So season over! Well… not quite. Our premier league season is done, and I may give a proper review of the whole season, but I’ll wait until after June 1st. It hasn’t been great for me, but thankfully we decided to pull out some amazing run in Europe.

Speaking of which… Now it’s onto the big one! Champions League Final, Madrid, June 1st, against Liverpool. I am so nervous for this game, and I don’t personally think we will win it, we are going in as underdogs, but what else is new. Hopefully our squad will be less injury-ridden by then, and we can give the reds a good game! They will be gutted after losing the Prem, and wanting to make amends for last year’s final, but it is possible. It’ll be tough, but as I said in my last review, when have we ever done anything the easy way. So bring on Madrid, bring on Liverpool, good luck to them. COYS!

My final point will just be to congratulate Manchester City on their Premier League title!

As always thanks for reading.


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