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Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool – Champions League Final Review

We are around four days out from Sunday now, and it still hurts, and I won’t get it off my mind until the new season kicks off… But for now, I’ll give a short review, because if it’s too long, I’ll frankly make myself sad.. AGAIN.

As we all know, Tottenham were beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League final, with the reds making it their sixth trophy in the famous competition. Our boys came up short on the night, and as I said, this one will hurt for a while. But, I still want to review it, so I can move on.

Winks and Kane returned to the lineup, to the surprise of some. Lucas, our hat-trick and semi-final hero was dropped to the bench. They were full strength also. I won’t go into too much about the starting XI, I personally would’ve started Kane, but not have dropped Lucas. In my mind I’d have benched Son, who has been out of form for a few weeks now, pretty much since the second leg in Manchester. Nevertheless, we move on, and it’s on with the game.

We started in the worst way possible, conceding a penalty in 25 seconds… The ball appeared to struck the arm of Sissoko, according to the ref anyway. Again I don’t want to get too much into this, I don’t think it was a handball, but what can be done now anyway. We went 1-0 down in the first minute or so, and from then on our game plan changed, and the mission made a whole lot harder. The rest of the half was fairly boring, and lacking quality. No team particularly played better, but they went into the half with the lead.

Second half we arguably came out better than we’d played in the first, but not good enough to go on and win it all… A lot of wasted chances, poor passes and lacking quality described out performance for the last 45, and the whole game as well. Origi finished us off late on to secure the Champions League for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool. We ended up with nothing more than runners up medals… So, what now?

Well, we go again. All we can say is that we are proud of this team, but in the end it just wasn’t quite enough. Which seems to be the story of us the last few years. I will do a proper review of the season, and what I want next year, but for now, its a huge transfer window for us.

We are around 20 points behind first, with second place in the Champions League, aka, Liverpool at this time last season. We need to invest, as we are so close, and I’m sick of staying in the same place, being so close every time. Invest, and replace a couple of players, and who knows, we may be able to finally get our hands on some silverware next season. But for now, we have to try and get over this tough result, and enjoy the time off, ready to go again next season with some fresh faces.

As always thanks for reading.


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